Preventing sexual violence

As I watch and read recent news reports, I find myself angered and saddened by the dialogue around sexual violence towards women. I see recent events leading to more polarization and increasing the permissive culture that distracts us from where the real change can and needs to occur.
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Putting on the breaks

Have you ever wished.. I just want it to stop.. go away!

When we find ourselves being driven by difficult experiences, we resent and fear the impact they have on us. None of us wants uncomfortable or painful feelings, thoughts and experiences. We battle for control over the wheel with mixed or disasterous effects. Ironically, loosening our grip and slowing down may be more effective.

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Sharing and celebrating our stories

In my life and my work I encounter many difficult stories. Even more so, many people who inspire me – those who acknowledge their strengths, their vulnerabilities, their history and their journey.
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Welcome to my Blog.
Here I will endeavour to provide useful information and resources for people interested in topics related to therapy, social issues, everyday skills and how we can continue to grow and developing in our lives. I also hope to give voice to others speaking out and sharing information in these and other areas.

New Risks

As I prepare to make my new web site to go live, I find myself hesitating… nervous. Do I really want to do this? The old one is functional enough… Is the new one too ….colorful, too graphic? Are there still changes I want to make, errors I haven’t found? May I discourage a certain group of clients? Is a blog really necessary? Perhaps yes, perhaps no, but I realize I am also excited. This nervousness is indeed linked to taking a risk, of showing another side of myself.

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