Biel #MeToo Tragedy II: Steps to Healing

In my previous Blog post, I raised questions and concerns about individual and community reactions to the case of a prominent Biel Businessman and father charged and convicted of inappropriate sexual contact with an intern he was supervising. When we, as a community, allow ourselves to have conversations non-judging and non-blaming conversations about such difficult […]

Biel #Metoo Tragedy I: Questions and Concerns

Recently news about a well-known business man in Biel, accused and convicted of having had repeated inappropriate sexual contact with one of the interns under his supervision, shocked the Biel community. Unfortunately, it is not the first, nor the last such case, and raises several issues which I think are important to address for ourselves […]

Changing Perspectives: How do you view your story?

How often have you felt like you’re stuck? Not moving forward? Or thought you’ve failed to obtain what you were aiming for in the time you predicted? Have you felt alone and longing for purpose and connection? We can get lost in certain moments of our life, in stories that define how we see ourselves […]

Sharing and celebrating our stories

In my life and my work I encounter many difficult stories. Even more so, many people who inspire me – those who acknowledge their strengths, their vulnerabilities, their history and their journey.

New Risks

As I prepare to make my new web site to go live, I find myself hesitating… nervous. Do I really want to do this? The old one is functional enough… Is the new one too ….colorful, too graphic? Are there still changes I want to make, errors I haven’t found? May I discourage a certain […]