In starting up the New Year, the first topic in our Women’s Group was self-love. Instead of setting unrealistic and high pressure new years intentions, I raised the question how would they like to connect with self love? What has gotten in their way?

One description of Self-Love is found in an old Poem by a mother and daughter pair Kim and Alison McMillen. It is often attributed to Charlie Chaplin. See link to sections Here.

What were your barriers to self-love and growth last year? The fear of rejection? The fear of disappointing your loved ones? The anger about your situation? The thoughts of “I’m not good enough.”

We often feel alone and overwhelmed with these struggles. Yet, they are part of our humanity and connect us with one another. Having the courage to name and loosen your hold on these barriers helps free up energy, time and attention. These resources can be used for increasing the opportunity, space and skills for self-love.

Obviously, this is not an easy journey achieved in one year, nor one that we arrive at an end destination. Rather it is complex process and contains different elements. Taking a step towards and building one element of self-love can help make it less mysterious and intimidating. What aspect of self-love resonates for you? Authenticity, Respect, Simplicity, Self-compassion? How can you connect to that aspect in some small way today? Tomorrow? Throughout the Year?

I wish you well in exploring how you want to slowly build the seeds of self-love in your life!