Do I really need a psychologist?
Reaching out to someone and a professional is obviously not easy. But doing so can sometimes make a big difference. Having a knowledgeable professional who is not entangled in your day to day life can provide you with fresh perspective and insight as to how to proceed.

How do I find a psychologist that works/fits with me?
As with any professional, it helps to think about what you want, prepare some questions and go with your gut feelings when you talk to them. Feel free to contact me to briefly discuss what you may want. We can explore what would best fit your needs and then if you like set up an appointment.

When do you see clients?
I work part-time, so have limited availability. That said I have try to provide a range of appointment time options during the week. Starting morning from approximately 7:45 till afternoons till 15:00 and evenings after 19:15.

How long and how often are appointments?
I meet with most clients once a week or every other week in the beginning. A typical individual session is 50 minutes. However, each person’s needs are unique, and we will discuss the frequency and length of sessions over the course of our time together to best meet your circumstances.

Do you offer telephone and e-mail therapy?
Yes, if it is not feasible for you to come to regular sessions in Biel due to childcare, travel distance or cost etc., I also offer phone sessions.I can also provide problem focused e-mail support, and allow check-ins or follow-up contacts via e-mail to supplement to in-person or phone sessions. Even in the case of e-mail and phone sessions, I prefer to do the initial intake in person, and then continue the sessions by phone or e-mail.

What can I expect in the first session?
Our initial session is usually scheduled for 75 minutes in order to have ample time to start our work together. This initial session gives us an opportunity to explore what prompted you to contact me, clarify what you hope to gain from therapy, answer your questions, determine whether we feel well-matched to work together, fill in any necessary paperwork, discuss confidentiality and my practice policies.

What about confidentiality?
Confidentiality is the cornerstone upon which effective therapy is based. What is discussed in therapy and all matters relating to it are kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed without your written permission. This is especially important in small communities, as the expat community can sometimes be. I may consult with other professionals (also bound to professional confidentiality) in my group practice or supervision groups about our work. When I do so I remove any identifying information of the client and focus more on the process of our work. I do this to gain support and maximize the effectiveness of my services. See more information in my Adult Treatment Agreement contract.

What kind of fees do you charge?
The first phone consultation is free. Thereafter the basic therapy fee for one hour sessions is 130 CHF, 160 CHF for intakes, 180 for 1 hour Couples session or 240 for a 2 hour session. As with other health service professionals, there may be other occasional costs linked with telephone contact, consultations and administration work outside of session time. I charge a fee for cancellations, eg when individual sessions are cancelled within 24 hrs prior to appointment time. I try to communicate these fees clearly, and am open to any questions. If these base fees are not realistic for you, I can also provide a sliding fee scale, depending on your needs and income.