I am a psychologist providing supportive services in English and Dutch. My areas of expertise include: cultural adjustment, stress, burn-out, eating problems, trauma, anxiety and depression. I am also part of a group Practice “Therapie Zentrum Biel” with German and French speaking therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. Together with another colleague, I also started C2: Caring2gether a forum to provide services, workshops and groups for English-speaking non-native swiss residents.

Although Dutch by nationality, I have lived most of my life in various English-speaking countries, the largest portion of which was in the United States. There I completed my education, began my career and met my Swiss husband. Together we moved to the Netherlands and finally settled in Switzerland to build a family with our two school aged children. As a native English speaker I also speak Dutch, German and understand Swiss German.

A brief overview of my educational & work background:
Primary & Secondary School, Bermuda (1987)
High school, Colorado, USA (1990)
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology & Fine Arts at Kenyon College, Ohio, USA (1994)
Doctorate in Psychology (Psy.D.) at Wright State University, Ohio USA (1999)
Integrative Body Psychotherapy Training at IBP, Winterthur, Switzerland (Started 2019)
1998-1999. Predoctoral Intern. University of Houston Counseling Center, Texas, USA
1999-2000. Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (Trauma & Substance Abuse), McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School, MA, USA
2000-2002. Spiritus,Trauma & Substance Abuse Residential Treatment, MA, USA
2003-2010. AMARUM, Center for Eating Disorders, GGNET, the Netherlands
2010-Present. Private Practice, English Therapy, Switzerland

For any additional questions, I can be reached at:
email patricia@englishtherapy.ch
mobile 079 508 7511
Group website Therapie Zentrum Biel (TZB),
Facebook site C2: Caring2gether