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Women & Anger II

This week’s Women’s Group, we will be continuing with the theme of Anger. Last month, we explored who was or was not allowed to express anger, we gave a gesture and behavior to express our anger, which we acknowledged and ?yes?d.? We tried to recognize how our anger shows up, and touched briefly on what […]

Grrr…. Women and Anger!

In our everyday journey’s we encounter different feelings… sadness, boredom, joy, excitement, worry, fear… and ANGER. How often do you hear someone say.. “I am angry!”? How do you react when you do? Do you lean in and say.. “Really!… How interesting, do tell me more?” Or do you look for the nearest exit and […]

Women’s Group: Setting Commitments

I am going to…learn German, lose weight, write a book, learn how to play the guitar, start a business…! Often we have fantastic ideas and intentions of what we want to achieve. Yet struggle to reach them, and judge ourselves when we don’t. A common one I hear is: “I am going to learn to […]