Caring2gether: New Upcoming Activities & Groups

As part of our new offerings from C2:Caring2gether, we are excited to provide regular groups and workshops!

Our second workshop was Active Choices: Are you living life or being lived? Together we explored how we respond to stress, what values can guide us when we are in stressful situations and did a mindfulness and compassion visualization exercise to bring it all in the here and now.

For me it was wonderful to have a room full of english-speakers being vulnerable, asking questions and sharing their experiences! It is energizing to see the shared experiences and be inspired by the differences! Many voiced the appreciation of the group format.

To keep that momentum going and to encourage others to join us, here is a quick overview of other up-coming events:

Mindfulness for Kids Workshop led Elizabeth Frei for kids that will be held on Wednesday, 24th of May from 14.00 – 16.00 at Farelhaus. Kids ages 5 and up are welcome to come and learn about building concentration and creativity with mindful awareness. More information can be found here.

Mindfulness Drop-In Groups will be every other Tuesday evening at 19:00-20:00 at Farrelhaus. They provide a place to slow-down and reconnect to ourselves by to practicing mindfulness under the guidance of Elizabeth Frei. The next few dates are: June 6th, June 20th and July 18th.

Mindfulness Eating Together with Mariona Lopez, Elizabeth Frei will be exploring our relationship with food. How does it feel when to be hungry? How do you know when you are full? This 2 part workshop will help you create a richer relationship with food and the way we eat. You will learn about different types of hunger and how to experience eating with greater awareness. 12 June, 19:00-20:30, at Farrelhaus in Biel. More info here.  

An Ongoing Women’s Group. that meets 1x every one-two months.  It will be a setting that women can share their experiences, inspirations, and strengths. As women, we are often juggling mutliple roles, cultures and expectations. We often do not have the time or setting to speak our mind or share our feelings in a way that acknowledges our vulnerabilities and celebrates our strengths. To build safety and ongoing support some level of commitment is requested. The first date is June 27th 2017 at 19:00 at Bahnhofplatz 8, 2502 Biel. We will then set up dates for after the summer. If you interested please contact me.

Full Day Women’s Body Workshops. After the summer, myself and Mariann Spörri will explore the themes of setting boundaries and claiming our space via bodywork, mindfulness and drama exercises in both German and English. There will be 2 Saturday workshops a month apart following the summer holidays. More information to come.

For more information about C2 and our events here is a link to the C2 Facebook page.