Women & Anger II

This week’s Women’s Group, we will be continuing with the theme of Anger. Last month, we explored who was or was not allowed to express anger, we gave a gesture and behavior to express our anger, which we acknowledged and ?yes?d.? We tried to recognize how our anger shows up, and touched briefly on what it wants. This week we will look a bit deeper. What are the needs that anger expresses that get’s lost in our historical and social contexts?

Often our and other?s fears, judgments and feedback about our anger prevent us from looking at what may be triggering this anger. What distracts us from seeing, understanding and responding in a helpful and empowered way to our anger.

What was it that angered us? When did we become angry? What did we want? Need? Also, what larger issues or history are connected to our anger? Are we also holding other?s anger? We often are distracted from this by the messages about our anger. Here are some of the messages that distract us. Being aware of them helps us focus and see past to our needs and empower ourselves in less destructive ways.

Here are two video?s about Women?s Anger:

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