Mindful Eating – Mind over Munching?

Many of us may find ourselves falling into unhealthy eating patterns. Society places a lot of pressure on us about how we should look, what we should eat and to incorporate all this within our busy day to day schedules. It is hard to juggle it all and know how to put it into practice.

Do you sometimes wish you could eat more healthily? Do you find yourself full and wonder “Why did I eat so much?” Or do you catch yourself thinking “if I eat that, I might as well give up eating healthily and eat whatever I want.”? All kinds of reactions show up around food and eating. What triggers you to eat or not eat? Exercise or not exercise?

This Saturday, 17.11.2018 from 10:00 till 12:30 at Bahnhofplatz 8, 2502 Biel, I will be offering the second in the Mindful Eating Workshop Series. We will explore how to actually practice eating mindfully and making healthy empowering choices around food and exercise, instead of falling into the numbing and shaming practices often encouraged in other settings.

Here are 6 Tips to start you off taken from the blog linked below.

6 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating