New English Speaking Colleague – Dr. Frei!

The New Year often brings new intentions and new beginnings. The most exciting new beginnings usually evolve from a wish within ourselves that then manifests in active steps. When we connect with a community that inspires and supports us, our dreams can evolve, connect and truly blossom. Likewise, building my own therapy practice has been an exciting process involving a lot of personal work and profiting from various kinds of support. Many wonderful and diversely talented individuals and groups, friends, colleagues as well as professionals, have inspired or helped me along the way. However, I often wished I had more English-speaking colleagues nearby that would allow for new local growth opportunities in English. For this reason, I am very excited to welcome a new English Speaking colleague to Biel, Dr. Elizabeth Frei.

I am very excited to welcome a new English Speaking colleague to Biel, Dr. Elizabeth Frei.

She too has lived and worked as a psychologist in Switzerland for several years. We share a background in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and living in an international community. She has recently moved to Biel and has a lot to offer. Together we are looking forward to expanding English-based services in Switzerland. We hope you will join us be it for upcoming talks, workshops, groups or individual meetings.

She will be part-time at the Bahnhofplatz Praxis as well as at a Praxis space at Farelhaus. One new exciting opportunity she offers is an open Mindfulness Drop in Session at lunchtime on Tuesdays. I will let her introduce herself…

“My name is Elizabeth Frei and I am an American, English-speaking clinical psychologist. I moved to Switzerland five years ago and have enjoyed the rich experience of working with adults and children from all over the world who’s various life paths bring them to this country. My orientation in working with clients is to help build awareness of experiences and habits that may have formed to help manage difficulties, and to expand on skills available in order to minimize suffering. I enjoy integrating concepts and tools from cognitive behavioral therapy with the practice of mindfulness. In this time of greater mobility and global interconnection, my practice is often centered on helping clients weather the difficulties associated with living in a new culture and the demands that this puts on individuals, couples, and families.

I appreciate how daunting it can seem to reach out for the support of a psychologist. However, I am confident that with a good “fit” between the therapist and client. The experience can be impactful and empowering. Ideally, therapy can provide a new perspective, tangible skills and a supportive environment in which to identify values and build on them. These outcomes extend well beyond the walls of the therapy room and into real life.

Living in a country different from the country of your origin is a complex and varied experience, with many difficulties and many joys. However, regardless of where you live or where you come from, the support of a psychologist can be useful in fortifying resources and building resilience to stressors common to the human experience. As Brené Brown, an inspiring thinker, says, “Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.”

You can find out more about Dr. Elizabeth Frei’s Biel Location and Contact Information at: